What is Skills Training Centre “PROCHORO” about;

It is an innovative, afterschool educational centre that aims to maximize the existing potential of each child, helping him/her to learn more independently and efficiently, thus saving time and effort. Our programs focus on the very important school and life skills. With these skills firmly in hand, you will witness your children's grades and potential dramatically improve.

On the other hand, we have NOT designed a) to make tutoring and handle the school knowledge gaps students have, b) to supervise that students do their homework & c) to provide personal therapy & rehabilitation 


We want children who control their thought, feelings and behavior RATHER THAN children who watch TV and/or play video games all the time.

We like children who make predictions, conclusions and transform their knowledge RATHER THAN children who strive to comprehend what a text question and/or a mathematical problem is about.

We motivate children who select, share and justify the use of appropriate learning strategies RATHER THAN children who memorize resolved answers for a while, and then they do not remember anything.  


Exercise your mind

Discover your strengths

Realize your weaknesses


Enjoy they way you learn!