How do we develop social-emotional skills, when we are mainly concerned with the enhancement of children's intelligence and learning?

Indeed, the variety of our programs aim to practice the (meta)cognition, the skills and the learning strategies of the child.

However, our learning activities run in small groups of 3-5 children, wherein they share a common set of rules, communicate with each other and interact via an experienced coach, deploying different techniques (e.g. role playing, discussion, body expression, music, new technologies, (un)real stories, etc).

So, the emotional (e.g. self-awareness, self-discipline, stress management, etc.) and social (e.g. communication, negotiation-refusal, empathy, cooperation, etc.) skills development spread throughout the programs implementation. In case a problem appears which might put in danger the small teams operation and cohesion, then we face such a problem with special short-term interventions.